Summer Butterfly Tour

Eurodryas aurinia bulgarica by Simeon Gigov

A 9-day wildlife holiday to Bulgaria’s south-western mountain ranges in search of some of the rarest butterflies in the country


During the first part of this tour we will explore the Pirin and the Rila Mountains. This is landscape of exceptional natural beauty, boasting high peaks over 2500 m, and fascinating alpine meadows dotted with glacial lakes, dense forests, spectacular rocky gorges and precipitous cliffs.

The Pirin National Parks hold outstanding biodiversity. The butterfly fauna there includes Balkan Clouded Yellow, Mountain Small White, Apollo, Clouded Apollo, Balkan Copper, Higgin’s Anomalous Blue, Phalakron Blue, Amanda’s Blue, Meleager’s Blue, Blue Argus, Mountain Argus, Balkan Fritillary, Cynthia’s Fritillary, Nettle-tree Butterfly, Nicholl’s Ringlet, Bulgarian Ringlet, Eastern Large Heath, etc.

Along the Struma valley we will be looking for Eastern Festoon, Powdered Brimstone, Lang’s Short-tailed Blue, Little Tiger Blue, Eastern Baton Blue, Escher’s Blue, Nettle-tree Butterfly, Yellow-legged Tortoiseshell, Balkan Marbled White, Common Glider, Hungarian Glider, Southern White Admiral, White-banded Grayling, Lattice Brown, Yellow-banded Skipper, Oriental Marbled Skipper, etc.

Download the check-list of butterflies likely to be seen on this tour.

Eurodryas aurinia bulgarica by Simeon Gigov

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