Responsible Travel Policy

Neophron Tours is one of the major tour operators in Bulgaria for travelers who come for specialized wildlife holidays. Run by experts with long experience in this type of tours, the company has built up a reputation for the quality of services offered.

Everywhere we go, we always try to support the local service providers and promote environment friendly tourism, believing that this will greatly contribute to improving the life of local people and will raise their awareness to wildlife and nature conservation.

One of our ultimate goals has always been to raise funds to help wildlife conservation in the different areas we visit during our tours in Bulgaria. Thanks to funds generated through our tours and the support of our tour participants, we recently launched a special Wildlife Conservation Fund to help conserve the national populations of a number of rare and endangered species of birds, such as the breeding Egyptian Vulture and Griffon Vulture in the Eastern Rhodopes, the Eastern Imperial Eagle in the Sakar Hills, the Semi-collared Flycatcher in the oak forests of the Eastern Balkan Range, the wintering Red-breasted Goose in the Coastal Dobroudzha and many others.

We also help local Bulgarian NGOs, and the Wildllife Conservation Society in particular, in their crucial work for preservation of different biodiversity rich areas in Bulgaria and saving those areas from deterioration. Under WCS proposals several new protected areas have been declared and
many others have been saved from destruction. By simply joining one of our tours, you will certainly contribute to our conservation efforts, as much of our Wildlife Conservation Fund is generated through them. This is the reason for us to say that Neophron Tours is the logical choice for anyone who favors responsible travel and loves nature and wildlife.

The key to the success of our tours:

Quality in any aspect of our nature tours and holidays;

Tours tailored to get the best out of the wildlife of each area;

Tours operated in environmentally responsible manner, to contribute to the wildlife conservation and to benefit the local people;

Good organization from logistic viewpoint, appropriate and spacey vehicles;

Small family-run hotels and traditional food and drinks;

Experienced guides with extensive conservation and natural history knowledge and… a great sense of humour.